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Meet the BioNAV® Team

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BioNAV® Health & Wellness is a new non-medical Health & Wellness startup company that specializes in stress management and prevention content that focuses on the 5-Core Values of Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Breathing. 

Subscribe to join our Stress Management Community as we uncover how stress begins and show examples of how others manage it. We'll interview a variety of individuals about their stressful experiences in their lives (positive or negative). In addition, we'll invite newly published authors, health experts, and product manufacturers that can help tackle the mental and physical effects from stress today.

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Robert Freeman 


Executive Content Strategy & Sponsorship Sales. Specializes in "fast-track" marketing and business development for Health & Wellness related manufacturers and authors. He created BioNAV® to start a new (non-medical) Stress Management community and to help proactively promote new products, services, and health experts to the public. 


Tim Kotschwar 


Clinical Pharmacist. Owns and manages Alliance Community Pharmacy in Alliance, NE. He has a background as a Clinical Pharmacy Director and Clinical Drug Researcher prior to owning his own pharmacy. Tim is active with multiple community organizations and is a member of the NESP (NEBRASKA ENHANCED SERVICES PHARMACIES)..


Daniele Graziani


Senior Consulting Engineer at MongoDB with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. Daniele specializes in Customer Database consulting to Global 500 C-Level executives regarding advanced customer database development and "best practice" methods of integrating various Application Data Platforms.

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Doing Business with
BioNAV Health & Wellness

Content Sponsors & Advertisers

At BioNAV®, we are proud to serve the needs of our demographics and the stress management community. Our fastest-growing demographics are females 35 years old and older, which presents a great opportunity for businesses to engage with a highly targeted and specialized audience through our Stress Management & Prevention Community.


If your business is interested in marketing its products, services, or publications to this demographic, you can take advantage of our "early-bird" discounts by downloading the REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (PDF). Our production division can assist you in creating "new brand" ad inserts, or convert your existing content so it's optimized for our artwork platform.


For more information on how to take advantage of these opportunities contact BioNAV® at

Let's Work Together.

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