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Focusing on three different touchpoints that help improve proactive health: Air handling related user-licensing, application database management, and permission-based environmental readings for patients to share with their doctors. 

Hardware / Configuration Solutions:

Our business model is based on each side of the transaction. We own the front end of the computer vision to AI image recognition (patent-pending) processing. And we also own the last part of the process that involves the database management.  Our vector database modules can be integrated for startups or existing businesses that have their own AI platform.

Consulting Services:

In addition to our hardware/configuration solutions, we also offer consulting services that allows us to quickly adapt to your integration needs and long term goals.

Our solutions support a wide variety of industries.

Our solutions are designed to be integrated with a wide variety of industries around the world.

In Store for 2024

We've identified a way to monetize Artificial Intelligent processed data with multiple industries. As AI continues to mature into faster and more efficient solutions, our patent-pending process is designed to scale.

Intro to Our Patient-Doctor App:  What if you knew the types of pollutants that you breathe? We're quickly building our database modules to allow end-users to subscribe to the BioNAV central database network to see the results of the air-particles captured in their air handling filters. Click on the video on right to view a sample of how we'll promote our patient-doctor smartphone application to end-users.

Sample video of our future patient-doctor app.

 Video (Click Image Above).

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