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Balancing Stress at Work and Staying Fit

Updated: Mar 10

Produced by Rob Freeman, BioNAV® Health & Wellness September 18, 2023

In this candid conversation, Charity Fitzgerald, a seasoned real estate agent and fitness instructor, unravels her secrets to balancing work stress and maintaining a consistent workout routine. Not only juggling an incredibly demanding line of work, she also successfully overcame the adversity of a life-threatening disease, making her insights invaluable.

We delve into work-related stresses, examining both the positive and negative aspects. Charity discusses her definition of success and how she handles the often-hefty expectations of home value from sellers, as well as the stress her clients experience. She shares her experiences adapting to various personalities based on DISC personality assessments.

Switching gears to health-related stresses, we explore her daily disciplines as a fitness instructor. Charity describes the struggles faced when shifting focus from showing a home to preparing for a fitness class and reveals what she observes in her fitness club members during her classes. She elaborates on her personal disciplines and routines that keep her motivated daily.

Finally, we confront common excuses that often derail our workout routines - injuries, lack of motivation, schedule conflicts, or business travel. Charity provides practical advice on how to navigate these challenges and get back on track with your workout routine. Through her resilience and discipline, Charity serves as an inspiration to all striving to find balance in their professional and personal lives.



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Freeman is a patent-pending inventor and founder of BioNAV® Health & Wellness; a new non-medical health and wellness startup that specializes in stress management and prevention. His goal is to educate the public about the 5-Core Values of Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Breathing. Be sure to subscribe (free) to our Stress Management & Prevention Community for future updates at

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